• Remember to bring a towel, water & keep your belongings to a minimum. (Due to COVID19 we are temporarily pausing our towel service & water fountains)


  • NEW RIDERS: If you are a First Time Rider please be sure to view the BIKE SET UP VIDEO so that you know how to properly set up your bike. (Unfortunately due to social distancing we will not be able to be hands on and assist you, therefore this is a very important step) 


  • NEW RIDERS: Be sure to arrive at least 15 min. early to fill out a one time waiver and to give yourself ample time to adjust your bike. 

  • Be sure to wear active/workout gear comfortable shoes and socks. You will SWEAT. We recommend you wear SWEAT suitable clothing.​ Our bikes are compatible with SPD Clips

  • HYDRATE! Our cycling room is heated so riders will experience an increase in sweating. Make sure you drink plenty of water and electrolytes prior, during & after your ride.

  • Cell phone usage/Talking during your ride is not allowed. Please silence your phones and hold your conversations until after your ride. This is YOUR time, make it count! 



1. Is it safe to ride while I am pregnant?

 Indoor cycling is a safe workout that many pregnant women engage in for fitness during their pregnancy. However, due to the added heat we require a physician’s release signature before attending a ride.

2. Do you accept walk-ins?

Walk -ins are welcome. As long as we have free bikes, the Get Sweat Squad will register you and get you in. For future references, we recommend you register online for faster checking in and our site has the convenience of allowing riders to secure their choice of bike online.

3. What is the age and height requirement?

Riders under the age of 18 will need a “minor waiver” signed prior to attending a ride. Due to our bikes, all riders must be at least 4'11 tall to get a proper and comfortable ride.

4. Do the bikes have SPD clip in option?

Yes, our bikes come standard with Double Link pedals with SPD and toe-clip combinations to accommodate both cycling cleats and regular athletic shoes. 

5. How hot is the room?

The room is set at a higher temperature ranging from 80-95 degrees.


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